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“The time spent in Kate's consulting room was a time of deep healing! Physically, emotionally and intellectually. Getting in touch with myself again, on a non-physical level, was the most important gift I received! I feel more powerful on a humble level and also more feminine on a courageous level. Be sure of professional, yet gentle treatment, with utmost confidentiality!” - Alani Keiser

“Kate has an incredible gift. One she uses to assist clients for their greater good. She is caring, focused and selfless to the point of giving beyond your expectations. I would recommend Kate to anyone who is needing assistance and understanding on a personal level. Kate works in a safe nurturing environment and 100% authentic!!!” - Kate Cameron

“Many years ago I read an article that Kate wrote, as I was reading the article I had the most over-whelming sensation that I needed to meet her.  I put the article down and picked up the phone simultaneously.......and so began my amazing journey with Kate.  Years later, having experienced most of the healing techniques and Spiritual teachings that Kate blesses her clients with I have an overwhelming and clear impression of her and her work........

Wisdom is something that we're all born with, a blessing from God.  Some people have a special talent for being able to receive and understand this wisdom more clearly and use it to teach and heal others so that they might access their own wisdom.  This is what makes them great teachers and great healers.  Kate carries this gift and uses it with integrity and grace.

There are no words that can truly express my gratitude.  

With great love and thanks” - Lindy Bruce (Author of Motherhood and Me)

“I have been lucky enough to experience many of Kate’s exceptional gifts. Her work, guidance, workshops and teachings have all played a very important role in my growth and healing. Kate is dedicated to helping you find the right path for you. She guides you to find your own answers supporting you when support is needed. She is highly focused and an excellent source of information.  have done a one on one course in spiritual growth with her, which has been invaluable giving me the tools and knowledge to explore my own growth and development with a sense of awareness and respect. It is not necessary to battle through life alone, Kate helped me help myself and for that I will always be grateful.” - Natalie Munro

“I have had many sessions with Kate over the years and it has been an amazing journey.  In our sessions she always creates such a wonderfully relaxed and protected space to be in and with her support  I always leave feeling empowered, grounded and real.  I have realised my potential in so many ways thanks to my sessions with Kate and am eternally grateful.   Carry on doing your important work.” - Brenda Wardal

“Kate has been there to give me confidence about my own abilities at various important stages in my life. She has guided me to trust my inner world - what an incredible enrichment this is!   The benefits have been amazing. I feel empowered by love!  I have come to understand my connection to earth and my purpose here. There is deeper understanding for me in all the relationships I have: from family and friends to casual acquaintances. Since meeting Kate, my life has definitely been more full of insight, fun and laughter!” - Tessa Boyers

“The level of my healing, learning, understanding, insightfulness, intuiting......has grown enormously since working with Kate - and continues to do so.  She is Teacher and Healer and Wise Woman, powerfully gifted.  Her Light work, through very very many lives has fitted her for her present invaluable service to all aspects of life on Planet Earth.  I honour her immensely.”  - Clare Dyck

My occupation is labour law, which is founded in fact with very little opinion and zero mysticism, unless you are referring to the mystery of the stringency of the law itself, which is another story.  So it has come as a great surprise, especially to me, that drawing a couple of circles on a piece of paper can have such a profound impact on ones life.  The circles I am referring to are the ones Kate first asked me to draw and then asked each of my children to draw.  I first heard of bringing consciousness to light over a cup of coffee with Kate.  There is one thing I am passionate bout and that is living a conscious life.  I had spent too many years repeatedly hitting my head against the proverbial brick wall, until finally after years of therapy, I became conscious of why I was acting in such a manner.  Many of us however do not have the time and financial luxury for substantial Jungian therapy and I have often wondered if there is an alternative, which could be used to achieve levels of consciousness without excessive time and cost.  I also have watched my children growing and developing into their personalities and wondered if my parenting style, background or personality type was having an impact on their ability to live a full live and achieve all that they need to in this world.  Kate’s colour circles, as I now call them, helped answer these questions and more.  Sitting over a cup of coffee, listening to some lovely soft music, Kate placed a large piece of white paper in front of me and piles of beautiful colour chalk and told me to start drawing.  It was relaxed and easy.  She guided me through a process of drawing circles representing different aspects of my life.  When I was finished she brought to light issues I needed to be conscious of.  She then helped me, using an adaptation of the colour circles to shift my focus and release areas, which had been blocking my relationships and actions.  And oh, yes she also told me what I needed to know about my relationship with my children and how with a slight shift of consciousness, I was able to release boundaries and blocks, which were not healthy for them.  One of the most profound issues, which Kate helped to bring to consciousness was an aspect with the relationship I have with my husband.  Seeing this resulted in me becoming more independent and brought a new  level of understanding as to why I sometimes become so frustrated.  

Such a positive experience resulted in Kate doing colour circles with my children.  I have a 6 year old son and a 10 year old daughter.  My children are very different.  My son, however hard I try, was always hiding in the background in any situation.  He did not want to wear a logo on his shirt for fear of attention being drawn to him.  I tried play therapy but the young chap just point blank refused.  I was astounded by the change that has come over him after Kate’s colour circles.  He can now be heard from miles away, has developed a circle of friends who can’t wait for play dates and has become fashion conscious!  I observed him doing his circles and was blown away by how his inner concerns manifested in the circles.  Then I watched in amazement as Kate gently and with much kindness assisted this little boy to come out of hiding just using his chalk and circles.  My son does not understand what it was all about and viewed the entire experience as a good deal of fun.  But what is most profound is that the process gave him such release emotionally that he demanded right then and there that I go buy him chalk and paper and he has been drawing his own circles ever since.

And as for his elder sister, well I found out that she feels the need to protect me more than I need to protect her.  Phew what a relief (for both of us).  I have adjusted my behaviour  by being less protective and stronger within myself so she can stop feeling the need to protect me.  After I consciously did this she wondered around the house for an entire day saying repeatedly that she loved me.  She then showed some emotions towards me, which she must have been hiding for years.  What a cathartic release.  

I whole heartedly recommend Kate’s colour circles for anyone who needs just a little help with alignment of family, relationship and work dynamics. - Cindy Nolen

 Travelling with Kate Spreckley                                                      

When Kate asked me to put pen to paper about the part of my journey where we travelled together, I faltered. Initially I agreed, then all the usual delaying tactics kicked in. This is how we find our way, of course, but that is not to say I was not distressed by my privacy reflex. In my hard-earned wisdom I knew I needed to stop and examine my reasons and  …. well, I soon recognised it was not just a matter of privacy.

Somewhere along the path that has brought me to where I am I learnt that these uncomfortable moments are a cue. They present an opportunity to discover a new part of one’s self. So I ‘explored’ my reluctance to share. Not just for Kate, but for what Kate and I both know is the most worthwhile reason of all. Self knowledge.

When I finally held up that mirror into my soul, what I found was actually a delight; not some dreadful ugly truth that I had presumed I would find there. By inviting me to add to her Well of Universal Knowledge, Kate had also presented me with the opportunity to draw from that Well.

Gibberish? Psycho Babble? Let me put it plainly.

Kate had presented me with a chance to “Come Out” – of the Esoteric closet, that is. Until this moment, when I finally put both my typing fingers to the keyboard, my inner journey was just that – internal. Secret. A private enlightenment and finding of Self. My self-belief was a precious fragile beautiful secret healing that I had kept well hidden ever since I found its tiny flame flickering weakly at the bottom of my Black Hole. So delicate and vulnerable that only those who needed to knew of it. Including Kate.

In effect, therefore, Kate’s invitation would change all that. Like all change, this initially made me defensive. The mirror’s truth? The voice of a young damaged inner child cried out: “But ‘they’ will all laugh at me, and Kate knows how awful that is!” Then my mirror said: “So what? What have you to hide?”  It was one of those (fully clothed) Eureka Moments. One of those loving surprises that awaits us as we awaken to our Inner Beings.

And so there you have it! Tess has a secret life, an Inner Being. She has a purpose and it certainly matters whether she fulfils it or not. Yet that secret remains safe. No one can taint it or take it and certainly no one can smash it. Her Truth is still secret, as every Soul is unique and every journey different. It is however stronger because it is no longer hiding, no longer afraid of being ridiculed or dismissed. Secure in the realisation that as an integral part of an eternal universal life force, she can never be rejected abandoned or broken. Indeed, I see now that my Indigo Presence is impervious and even more beautiful out in the open. I don’t need to trust others yet, I need first to trust myself absolutely.

Back to Kate and why she wants me to share part of my journey with visitors to her Web Page. The intricate synchronicity that ensured that Kate and I would meet has many layers. It reminds me of the DNA structure. Two parallels, many links and several turns and twists. In my early days as a freelance Features writer, I was commissioned to write an article on the Indigo Children. I had never heard the term before, but by the end of the interview, I knew that I had an Indigo Child. But the reason for the synchronicity was far from over. [Even as I write I sense that there are many twists and turns still to come.

Years later, when Kate’s old business card found its way back onto my desk I kept it out for my sister who has recently become aware of her inner journey. I have discovered that voyages of self discovery can never be completed in isolation. We all get stuck. As I did again a few weeks ago.

Kate listened carefully while I dumped on her, all but howling my frustration at the Full Moon outside. She did what she does best, and I left feeling light, aligned, on track and in tune with myself again. She knew and I knew that it cannot stay like that. It isn’t meant to. Life is a continuous voyage of discovery – self discovery. It is a struggle that is worth every effort. If that sounds like an excuse to be selfish – it is not. In fact it is quite the opposite. It is all about being part of a greater whole. And the whole is whatever you choose it to be.

The next time I contacted Kate, she was only a little surprised that I was nearly hysterical. It was inevitable that my newly found acceptance of my Indigo self would be tested, and tested harshly. I was in a space where I had to find the courage to engage and commit to that role, or retreat knowing full well that the challenge would be even greater if I backed off now. I had never felt so alone and angry. Afraid? No, just angry and alone. I had finally stepped up to the plate and instead of a sense of belonging and a warm welcome; I was more alone than ever. Abandonment of the worst kind!

As calmly as a midwife in a crisis, Kate reassured me about the process and I moved through my life long self-doubt barriers. I emerged ready to grow again and fulfil my Indigo Purpose.

I must add that in so doing, Kate has enabled me to melt an iceberg of fears and flaws that a lifetime of shrinks have barely sculptured the tip of. She travelled alongside me on my journey of self discovery rather than trying to untie the knots for me. In the end we can only help ourselves. We all need help, but we have to do the hard work ourselves.

Kate does the God thing. I don’t. My spirituality is entirely my own. I have encountered its like nowhere. I believe that what I have found for myself is everyone’s rightful discovery. I certainly have no time for a judgmental bearded man in a cloud and a badly translated work of dogma and out-dated superstitions. Kate speaks of a kinder God than the one I met. I mention all this only because none of it matters. I believe that Kate’s purpose is to help and enable her fellow travellers. I will help her where I can as I cannot do what she does. Our purposes are aligned, but different.

Finally, and quite honestly, I don’t give an esoteric egg as to who thinks I am loopy or eccentric or more than a little odd. I feel no urge to explain or justify anything to anyone. However, I do have one suggestion to all those who would scoff at my discovery of my Inner Being and Indigo Purpose. They should try using their awareness mirror. Yes, everyone has one.

Ask yourself - Why does this upset you so?   - Tess Fairweather

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