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Every day we make choices that range from the mundane to the profound.  Each choice affects our lives making them more fulfilling, balanced, effective or not.  My unique style of coaching, mentoring and empowering helps you discover and uncover new ways of making choices that support an effective, balanced and fulfilled life.

In this unique approach we look at the different aspects of your life – what’s really important to you, are you happy and satisfied, or are you feeling stuck?  Do you wish to accomplish more than you can imagine?  Are you searching for the motivation you need to accomplish your goals?  Are you needing to shift and transform your life? Are you searching for support and the power to achieve your dreams and goals?

Consultations are via email, Skype or in person in Cape Town, South Africa.  

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‘I met Kate about four years ago.  She came to me highly recommended via a good friend who knew her well.  Meeting Kate is like having sunshine on your skin: she is warm, down-to-earth and genuine.  And you part company glowing.  I have continued to interact with Kate, despite the fact that I have moved continents.  She has given me insight and guidance across all areas of my life - career, continents, relationships, family, spirituality and money.  Kate is calm and pragmatic, and is completely free of judgement.  She has always made me comfortable, and she has always given me the insight or the prod that I need - without ever interfering - a remarkable balance.  I have recommended all of my friends, and all of my family - and anyone who has interacted with Kate has the same feedback.  Kate is a remarkable and gifted individual, and I would highly recommend her if you are looking for gentle healing or insight in any part of your life.’  - DT

‘To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but what he aspires to’ - Kahlil Gibran

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Lifestyle - The health and well being of your body is essential if you wish to live a life of balance, harmony and fulfilment.  Do you feel the need to lead a more balanced and healthy lifestyle?  Are you looking to break unhealthy habits, control your diet and manage your stress?

Relationship - Our relationship can be a source of pleasure or pain.  Finding fulfilment and joy in healthy relationships is key to a successful, balanced and accomplished life.  Are you searching for support and guidance in relationships?  Are you looking to transform your blocks to happiness?

Career - The majority spend about a third of their lives at work.  Therefore it is essential that you are happy with what you choose to do each day.  Are you searching for guidance, support and a step by step process aimed at achieving success, fulfilment and happiness in your work?  Uncover and increase your value by fully realising your personal and professional potential.  Eliminate the blocks that keep you from advancing and enjoying your career.

Spiritual - Without a strong sense of self and purpose in life you can feel lost, depressed and deeply unfulfilled.  A strong sense of purpose brings contentment and peace.  A strong sense of self brings clarity, motivation and drive.  Are you searching for meaning and fulfilment?  Are you looking to uncover and unlock your hidden purpose and joy?

Family - Your immediate and extended family have a significant influence on your life, decisions and overall happiness.  For many, family is important and yet you may find yourself in conflict with family.  Are you looking for ways to resolve the conflict and release the blocks to harmony?